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Everyday was new learning for me at my school. All teachers there loved me a lot and were very supportive. They used to tell all of us that you all are special in your own way. It is the place where I groomed as an individual with my own qualities and uniqueness.


Pooja Chaudhary

Priyanshi Jaiswal.jpg

What can I say about this beautiful place. I have experienced everything in this school from failures to success . I m so glad that I was the part of Beetle's family. Each and every person of this family right from Princ ipal ma'am to he lpe r s everyone has given their best for us . Forever grateful to this institution who made me today what I am !!



Priyanshi Jaiswal

Milind Sharma.jpg

Milind Sharma

Going through the 7 years of school here made me the person I am. The school made meperseve rant , condent, and diligent. It taught me that I might not be able to change the direction of the wind, but I can always adjust my sails to reach my destination.


Pankaj Bharadwaj.jpg

My school provided some of the excellent learning available in the city of Jaipur. The experience which I had in school was fabulous as everyone in the school was great, which includes the teaching and non-teaching staff both. The school also reects upon the values which are useful in the future and have been very helpful for me after becoming an alumnus It is a perfect place for learning and exploring best within ourselves


Pankaj Bharadwaj

Manish Sharma.jpg

With its holistic approach to education, BIS has equipped me with qualities such as teamwork, friendliness and sportsmanship. The supportive environment and excellent mentors have aided my development as a selfassured individual. Being the headboy at BIS has helped me grow as a responsible person and instilled leadership qualities in me, allowing me to pursue signicant opportunities in my life after school.



 Manish Sharma

Deepesh Khandelwal.jpg

This school will always have a special place in my heart, I joined Beetle's in 6th standard the very same year it started and completed my rest of schooling from here only. This school has a big hand in shaping my life. I had a special bond with teachers and staff, they supported me and believed in me more than I could. This school is the reason for my academic achievements as I didn't go to any coaching and had trust that school is sufcient for me and I get time to know my capabilities. In my 12th boards, I scored 100/100 in Mathematics, all credit goes to my mentors who knew my potential more than myself and they put efforts in me to achieve this milestone.





Deepesh Khandelwal

Divya Sharma.jpg

From my very rst day a t school and continuing until the end, school was the cornerstone around whichI built m y dreams, helping me learn values and character I will cherish for the rest of my life.



Divya Sharma

Manisha Meena.jpg

I believe it is school life whenachild' spersonality is developed. In 8 years of my school life here, it was ensured that I grow up as an amicable and morally beautiful individual. I felt cared for and loved at this institution by every person, I cannot thank enough. To say in a nutshell, “I was a dot on a paper when I came here; but I emerged as a colourful painting.”.



Manisha Meena

Dolly Khandelwal.jpg

Dolly Khandelwal

I spent my 7 precious years of school time with Beetles from class 6 to 12, studying in the school from its beginning. Memories with teachers, council and especially with my schoolmates will always remain my favourite story book. Participated in every event of school, being the school council member for more than 3-4 years. School always supported open panels for student queries and helped every student in developing all the areas of life.



Cherishing Memories of Alumni

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