Parents Orientation

We at Beetle’s International School believe that the school and parents need to work together for holistic development of the children.

We provide the parents with circular containing information of activities to be carried out in coming week or month so that the parents can get an update of the child's development. We provide transparency in education system, so that parents can keep a track of activities in school and plan for them at home also.

The school has SICK ROOM  for students to take the required First Aid and Rest, if needed. The students are checked in the Morning Assembly by the Class Teachers and the Physical Education Teachers for Nails, Hair, Uniform, Shoes and Personal Neatness.

EDUCATIONAL TOURS - Various Tours are conducted from time to time within Jaipur and Outside as well. Such trips are very effective to develop the values of Sharing and Caring others and to be happy in any environment. They learn by Observation also. We, here at BIS aim to prepare our students catering to the demands and 'challenges of the modern era.'

COUNSELING - As life has become very competitive and full of challenges, human beings need counseling from time to time. Today children face many problems in their day to day life, which they are reluctant to share with their parents. We at BIS counsel our students, specially the teenagers, not only by solving their problems but by giving them career Guidance, Personality Development Programmes etc. Eminent counselor from different areas of concern also are invited by us from time to time.


REWARDING THE STUDNETS - Reward is also an incentive. It motivate and encourages them to work better children are rewarded in the Assembly from time to time and also reward on the occasions of the School's Annual Function and Sport Day.

Grand Celebrations

To exhibit the hidden talent of students various celebrations are added up in the curriculum of the school.

Annual function and Annual Sports Day are such celebrations where students can perform and present themselves in their best way.

These are the show windows and glimpses of entire year’s events and activities.

Happy Foundation Day 2021-2022

8th Feb. is celebrated as Foundation Day of school every year About 11 years ago this was the Great Day when the idea, dream and vision of founders  Mr. Pradeep Johari and Mrs. Indu Johari Culmiunated in a vast and amazing reality in the form & our Temple of learning BIS.

This Day is Undoubtedly the most important day in the calendar of our school events Keeping in view the pandemic situation, this day could not be celebrated at large scale. Still few activities were organized for the Students where they enjoyed, fancied and entertained themselves


Blue Colour Day 2021-22