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Welcome to Beetle's International School's website, we appreciate your interest in our school, we hope you will enjoy your time learning about our Institution, the programs, and the whole philosophy and character of the institution.

We believe that school life should be valued for itself and not only as a preparation for adulthood. The heart of the school's aim is the intellectual, cultural and social development of all the students, faculty, parents and other pupils associated with the institution in context to self and mutual esteem.

Our students learn from an Experienced, qualified, dedicated and enormously talented faculty, who challenge, inspire, encourage and nurture the students and the very roots of the organisation.

Our values are reflected in all our policies and in the attitude and conduct of our staff.

Pradeep Johari


From the Desk of Principal

Keep learning, keep trying,

Keep trusting, keep believing,

God is observing you on

Today-Tomorrow & Forever


I personally welcome all the new members to the Beetle's family.

We at Beetle’s International School,firmly believe to educate each student academically to the best of his or her abilities and at the same time to provide opportunities for his social, artistic growth. The achievement of this goal requires lot of hard work, sincerity, perseverance and a never-say die spirt and we at our school are honestly committed to that.

Our approach to learning process involves some important and contemporary methods. Learning takes place through a variety of student driven activities, projects, workshops and seminars by eminent personalities.


Mrs. Indu Johari

Principal & Director (Admin.)


From the Vice Principal's Pen

Wisdom sculptures freedom

Freedom promotes knowledge

Knowledge exudes love

Love propels Education.

Education visualizes dreams and dreams are the touchstone of character. On behalf of BIS family, I welcome and appreciate your bonding with Beetle's family. Schools are the training centers for the citizens of tomorrow. Every new day brings a new experience to be felt and a new mystery to be solved. So everyday there is a new era to be explored.

To achieve the best in every sphere, a well planned and disciplined approach is adopted at BIS. We take great care to strengthen the discipline to assure a wholesome growth of students.



Vice Principal