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Annual Function

The school organizes Annual Function to showcase the inherent talent of students through multifarious activities like Dance, Drama, Song, Speech, Skit etc. where expressions have no limits. The essence of the function is woven around a particular theme. It's a cultural extravaganza showcasing such divergent cultures, costumes and traditions of our vast country and the world.

It is also a special day particularly for the students who excel in academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities as they are felicitated with awards and certicates. This function is the most awaited and anticipated event of the year.

Annual Exhibition

"Creativity and Innovation are two main components to make something unique". Annual Exhibition is organized at Beetle's International School every year to showcase the students' creativity and talents through the medium of art, pottery and imagination. It is the benchmark for every school. It acts as a platform for multifarious talent of students in the form of les, projects, charts, models (working and static), portfolios, book marks and PPTs etc. Students eagerly wait for this grand day as their talent is appreciated by eminent guests, mentor and the visitors from various schools. All the students participate in the exhibition enthusiastically and energetically.

Inter School Roller Skating Competition

"R. L. Johari Memorial Inter School roller Skating Championship is held at Beetle's International School, Agra Road every year. The students of the school present an alluring short cultural program as an opening Ceremony. In the tournament more than 30 prestigious schools of Jaipur and 450 competitors participate in different events in age groups of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16. All the Skaters are fully charged and eager to show their dexterity in the art of Roller Skating. All the winners are awarded with trophies and the overall "Championship Trophy" is awarded to the winning team. Beetle's International School got the highest point in last 3 years but the school being the host, therefore the Championship Trophy is awarded to the Frist Runner-up team in the tournament.

Investiture Ceremony

The school's Prefectorial Council is made up of the best and the brightest students and its investiture ceremony is held every year. Chief Guest administers the oath of ofce to the newly elected Council and the Cabinet pledges to dispense their duties under the guidance of the Principal and teachers to the best of their abilities.

Valedictory Function