Play Group

2½ yrs to 3½ yrs


3½ yrs to 4½ yrs


4½ yrs to 5½ yrs

"Tell me, and I will forget, show me and I may

remember, involve me and I will understand."



The Pre-Primary section is named as "PHULWARI'. True to the name it is indeed a 'Garden for Tiny Tots' wherein each kid, under the guidance of our well trained teachers are nurtured and bloomed in their own special ways.


The activities and designed and planned as per Montessori Method wherein kids develop their over all personality which includes their Fine Motor, Grass Motor, Emotional, Social and Cognitive Development.


A well equipped Activity Room is designed for the kids where they enjoy the formative years of learning through different teaching aids in a play way method.


    The Phulwari is our Kindergarten wing. This is the most happening place in the school. The Phulwari section is divided into 3 classes - 

       •  Play Group             •  Kindergarten I                    •    Kindergarten II 

Play Group  •  Lotus and Rose

Playgroup is when the student first comes to school. The whole idea of a school is new for him or her. In playgroup the student learns to associate various things learns about colors, festivals, helpers etc. The playgroup is where the kids are allowed to have fun so that they learn and grow. 

Kindergarten-I •  Tulip, Lily and Marigold  

Kindergarten - I is the next class for the student. In KG - I the student learns various Poems and recitation, writing and motor skills are improved and helps the child to be ready for the competitive school environment. The student also starts making friends, learning what is right and wrong and other basic skills.

Kindergarten-II •  Sunflower, Daffodil and Daisy 

Kindergarten - II in this class the student is also set for the academic challenges in the school life, the student starts showing interest in sports and curricular activities. 

He or she starts making a social circle. The student learns how to read, write and speak properly. 

      The Phulwari section is where a student is introduced to the school environment and atmosphere. Thus providing the students with a Fun and Learn experience is our main moto here.

Phulwari serves as a pedestal for the students, they are intoroduced to the school through this wing and then start learning all the basic and essential things and this is where they start loving school or anything other than home. 

    Phulwari is always chirping and happening because of the numerous celebrations happening, be it the festival of Diwali, Christmas or Colours Day, the students are always learning and enjoying themselves.

Message from

the  Coordinator

 We at Phulwari celebrate and promote overall development of each child and give greater emphasis to creativity, independent thinking ,enhancement of concentration , development of fine motor skills and listening skills, the kids are exposed to a number of activities .We believe in making our little geniuses think big. Different activities include Art and Craft, Games and Sports, Fore Play and Dramatization, Splash Pool, Computer Aided Learning, Fancy Dress, Storytelling, Poetry and Recitation etc.

   Events and Celebrations bring different colours of joy and happiness with them. To enhance the general knowledge and general awareness of our little ones we divide our academic months into various themes like Fruits and Vegetables, Our Helpers, Transport, Animal Kingdom, Birds etc. Special occasions and festivals throughout the year. These activities are celebrated in our own ways.

    It's also a platform to develop their relation with their teachers and peer group. Our children just don't celebrate, they become part of it. Here is a broad overview of the various events and celebrations.