Beetle's International School shall strive to increase the potential of every child through an active partnership among students, teachers, parents and management. The school aims to acheive this by providing a positive, secure and caring environment. we aim at quality education and pursuit of excellence in all fields and in life itself.

 We propogate patriotic, social and ethical values to develop each child into a responsible and aware citizen of the nation.

we attempt to broaden the mental horizon of students through training and development so as to improve the overall attitude of a student towards the world around him/her.

 We Encourage students to take up hobbies and at least one sport so as to inculcate team spirit and sportsmanship. This in turn will result in all-round development of each individual. 



  Beetle's International School is an independant, co-educational English medium school which mirrors and practises the best international educational techniques. It provides the highest quality of global education to children within a safe and caring environment. The school is committed to giving students the tools to enable them to think creatively by providing a foundation in academics, arts, co-curricular and sports activities. Our mission is to set a benchmark, a standard of education in the society which promptly and accurately portrays our values ethics and policies. 

  We take appropriate steps to make learning a stress free and enjoyable experience for the students. The world is witnessing rapid changes in all spheres of the society, therefore it has become incumbent on us (teachers) to equip ourselves adequate to cope with the changes in the society.