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Our Background

Personal Profile

Beetle's International School, Agra Road, Jaipur was established on 8th February, 2011 under the patronage of 'Motiraj Education and Welfare Society'. Despite a proliferation of academic institutions in recent times, the need remains of establishing schools, which would help create harmony between the Scientic Spirit of Inquiry and Moral Values Beetle's International School is the realization of long cherished dreams of the veteran members of Johari Family.


The school has been designed to meet with the growing needs of the creative and meaningful education for the all round development of its students.

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Our past


Harmonizing Inquiry and Values

Beetle's International School, Jaipur, founded in 2011 under 'Motiraj Education and Welfare Society', strives to harmonize scientific inquiry with moral values, fulfilling the Johari Family's vision for holistic education.


The school, affiliated with CBSE, offers Science, Commerce, and Humanities streams, focusing on a scientific approach and modern technology to develop students' potential and instill moral values.


Nestled amidst the Aravalli Hills, Beetle's International School provides a lush green and academically stimulating environment, fostering a holistic development approach for students in Jaipur.

CBSE Affiliation and Holistic Education

Lush Green Campus, Holistic Development

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