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Various Clubs are created that cater to different interests. These help to discover the value of unity, importance of respecting other person 's view point. To help learners develop social skills, condence and independence. These clubs are source to explore, experience, enjoy and enhance adventure manifold

Capture Crew (Photography)

Capturing the beauty of nature and emotions behind moments is a skill which is a new hobby among young ones The club aims to help the students to showcase their photography talent and learn the skill at the some time.

Penning Pals (Editorial)

Writing with the other budding writers is a soothing exercise for young brains through which they can put their ideas and thoughts on paper in a beautiful way. The club aims to develop this skill at a very early age.

Go Green (ECO)

Being sympathetic to the world and nature is an emotion which needs to be developed in the next generation. The club aims to develop this spirit among youngsters in a fun loving way.

Galaxy Gala (Theatre)

Various activities like Dance, Drama, Skits form part of the club where the aim is to work on overall development of young minds where they can explore inner talent and depict it to others in an entertaining way.

Dreamy Designs (Art and Craft)

Art is an art which cannot be learnt in a day but can be developed over a period of time. Club aims to develop a creative and colourful thought among young ones right from the beginning.

Tech Tribe (I.T.)

Welcome to Tech Tribe, where innovation meets exploration! We are a dedicated group passionate about developing and understanding IT. Join us to dive into the world of technology and unlock endless possibilities together

Dance and Music Club

Step into the rhythm at Dance and Music Club! We're here to celebrate and promote your love for dance and music. Join us for a harmonious journey where every beat and move tells a story!

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