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At Beetle's International School , we offer a wide range of programmes; customized and designed to make students familiar with a comprehensive education ecosystem. Our experienced faculty is dedicated to helping students excel academically and develop essential life skills for their future. Explore our range of offerings below.


Games and Playgrounds

Our two spacious playgrounds including  an athlete training track, a specialised basketball rink, a badminton court, a volleyball court intended for senior students, a variety of swings for younger students, and educational games that have been thoughtfully selected and set up for younger kids.


Swimming pool

Acclaimed Biggest Indoor Swimming pool with state-of-the-art amenities, maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety is available for school students and added to their curricular activities in the academic calendar.

Whether an experienced swimmer or  a novice, our facility is perfect for all skill levels concerning diving levels. Trained swim coaches and lifeguards are always on duty to have a safe swimming experience.


Smart Classrooms

 Explore a world of innovation and interactive learning where current technological advances and traditional teaching intersect. The latest instruments in our intelligent classes help you learn more effectively by bringing topics to life through colourful illustrations and captivating exercises. We offer Smart lessons for all levels, covering every subject, from I to XII classes. . Faculty here is encouraged to use the technology as an added assistance .



A well-equipped and appropriately built laboratory for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology fosters a scientific inclination. Students are urged to use the resources to develop their scientific and creative thinking abilities. The BIS  School's physics, chemistry, and biology labs meet the requirements of carrying out CBSE-specified experiments. Up to 20 students can work on various experiments at once. Superior quality projects can be produced, which promotes inquisitive examination and reasoning.



Incorporating cutting-edge audiovisual technology, experience learning in a whole new fashion with Beetle's International School's Interactive A.V. Rooms. Immersion learning, dynamic lectures, and captivating presentations will make your studies come to life.
The A.V. room is an invaluable asset for discovering the limitless potential of interactive education! The learning process is elevated to a whole new level by the combination of the concept and the ambience.



Our library is a vibrant hub of knowledge and discovery, offering a rich collection of books, resources, and digital materials to enrich your learning journey. Whether you're exploring new worlds through fiction, conducting research for a project, or seeking a quiet space to study, our libraries are here to inspire and support you. Discover the joy of reading, the thrill of learning, and the power of knowledge .

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